Why Detail Your Boat Before Storing It?

We are officially past Labor Day and boating season has come to an end. Even though the boating season is only several months out of the year, you should be caring for your boat year round. Some people just pull their boat out of the water and store it away as is. Boats tend to be a person’s second or third largest investment. If you put your boat into storage without bringing it to a detailer first, you are not treating it like your second or third largest investment. Let’s take a look into why your boat needs to be detailed before winterizing it in Indy.


Protect Outer Coating

As you know, Indianapolis experiences some harsh weather conditions throughout the winter months. Your boat’s paint does not respond as well to the winter elements as it does with the summer’s conditions if it is not protected. A large number of people think that it is not necessary to detail their boat before the winter because nobody will see it so why does it need to look nice? The boat’s immediate appearance is not the problem at hand. Having it detailed is a way of protecting your boat from subfreezing temperatures that Indianapolis is well known for. Also, dirt, debris, and grime can build up after a long summer of taking the boat back and forth through lake water. Even the cleanest lakes still have enough gunk in the water for it collect along the sides and underneath your boat. If left alone until the following boating season, that build up can lead to corrosion and rust. Your boat’s paint, as well as your boat as a whole, will have a much longer lifespan if you take care of it and protect it going into the winter months.

Protect Seats

When thinking about your boat’s interior, the same thought process applies. With all the parties from Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, and most recently Labor Day weekend that you most likely spent on your boat, there is bound to be traces of the parties left inside the boat. The cold winter conditions combined with the leftover crumbs and dirt stashed away in the seats will lead to your delicate interior being not so delicate anymore.

How All-N-1 Helps You

Here at All-N-1, we are an experienced team that provides the best paint care for your boat. We are certified in providing services using Opti-Coat products that will protect your boat better than anything else from whatever the Indiana winter can throw at it. Our detail orientated team will make sure every nook and cranny of your boat is wiped clean and has a seamless protective paint coating that will let you sleep easy at night knowing your boat is taken care of by professionals.

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