Protect Your Car's Paint Job

Come in for ceramic coating services in Greenwood, IN and central Indiana

Just like a painter should start with a clean canvas, it's important to spend time prepping a vehicle before applying a ceramic coating. The team at All-N-1 Auto Detail in Greenwood, IN will do everything right if you need ceramic coating services. We'll hand wash your car and use chemical cleaners to remove tough stains.

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Protecting your car permanently

Paint protection has never been this high-tech, and each application enhances polished surfaces to exact a beautiful shine. Whether you’re a day-to-day town traveler or a luxury enthusiast, Opti-Coat Pro+ is the answer. Designed by years of intelligent research, the application’s contents are derived from top-industry chemical formulas and long-lasting materials. Increase your investment’s resistance to abrasions, chemical marks and age, and replace wear-and-tear symptoms with persistent, crystal-clear surfaces.


  • Opti-Coat Pro is warranted up to 5 years. When applied the thickness is between 2-3 microns. Which is roughly a 100 times the thickness of a typical ceramic wax or sealant
  • Opti-Coat Pro+ has 7 year warranty. Pro Plus adds about 1 micron in thickness and boasts an increase in gloss and hydrophobic qualities.
  • Opti-Coat Pro3 has Lifetime warranty. The 4 step process produces 8 microns thickness. That's approximately 4 times that of Pro. This allows for the strongest finish in regards to scratch resistance, gloss, chemical resistance, hydrophobic water repellency money can buy.

The warranties cover against chemical etching from bird poop, bug guts, acid rain etc. In addition our coatings will prevent the sun's ultraviolet rays damaging the clear coat by turning it yellow.

All of our Pro Ceramic Coatings have a chemical bonding process that insures a permanent long lasting bond. Which means it will not diminish after repeated washing over time.

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