$75 CARS $100 Trucks/SUVs

HandWash, Clean Wheel Faces, Dress Tires, Wipe Door Jambs


$150 Cars $200 Trucks/SUV's - RECOMMENDED Monthly

Hand Wash, Vacuum Passenger Area & Mats, DustInterior Plastics, Clean Wheel Faces, Dress Tires, Wipe Door Jambs, Clean Glass & More.
*This service is to maintain a recently detailed or lightly driven vehicle


$250 Cars / $300 - 350 Trucks / SUV's & 3 Row Vehicles - RECOMMENDED Semi-Anually

Hand Wash, Wax Applied to all Paintwork 3-6 months protection, Vacuum Passenger-Cargo-TrunkAreas & Floor Mats, Clean Interior Plastics (door panels, cup holders, vents etc), Clean Wheel Faces & Barrels, Clean Door Jambs, Clean Glass & More.
*Typical Mobile / Express Detail by competition


$400 Cars / Small SUV's / $400-500 Trucks & SUV's & 3 Row Vehicles - RECOMMENDED ANNUALLY |

Hand Wash & Clay Service, Hand Dry, 1 Year Ceramic Sealant Paint Protection, Vacuum Passenger-Cargo Trunk Areas, Clean Interior Plastics, Shampoo All Upholstery and Carpet & Mats, Deep Clean of Leather / Vinyl. Clean Headliner. Clean Wheel Faces & Barrels, Wheel Wells, Degrease / Deep Clean Door Jambs, Clean Glass, & More.
*More time is also allotted for the cleaning process on neglected vehicles.
*This is our most popular option and provides a deep clean detail


$300 Cars, Trucks & Small SUV's / $350 Large SUV's & Three Row Vehicles

EXTERIOR ONLY Detail Decon Hand Wash, Clay Service & Wax

$150 Cars / $200 Trucks, Vans, SUV's


*Oversized vehicles, third row vehicles, vehicles with custom rims, and vehicles with lift kits will incur additional costs. In addition, vehiclesthatare extremely filthy, smoky, contain pet hair, pet urine or vomit will incur additional charges. Larger vehicles and those that have not been maintained on a regular basis require additional time therefore additional cost must be added.


  • Clean/Dress Engine Bay $50-75
  • Paint Touch Up $125 Clean Extra Set of Mats $25-50
  • Headlight Restoration with Coating $200
  • Paint Correction (Sanding, Compounding, Polishing) $100 per hour
  • Interior Seat Repair Avg $200 per panel
  • 1 Year Ceramic Sealant Paint Protection $100 & Up
  • Opti-Coat Ceramic Coatings 2 YR $500 / 5YR $1000 / 7YR $1500 / Life $3000 & Up
  • Glass Protectant Rain and Chip Repellant Coating $200 & Up
  • Exterior Plastic Trim Restoration $ TBD
  • Paintless Dent Removal $ TBD
  • Alloy Wheel Repair $200+ & Ceramic Wheel Coatings add $200/400

PRICES for these items are quoted after visual evaluation of your vehicle. Please come by for a FREE estimate!