Keep The Shine For Summer!

Have you ever bought a brand new pair of expensive shoes? You consciously think about every step you take in that brand new, un-scuffed material. You avoid puddles, wet grass, and definitely the rain. Sidewalks are your best friend. You do everything possible to keep them looking like new and ensure their protection.


Well, sometimes it feels that way with cars too!  Opti-Coat is a way to make sure your car is protected from all the uncertainties.  Opti-Coat offers permanent paint protection so your car can keep its shine for years to come. This is a special formulated covering that protects your car from harmful contaminants, water spotting, UV damage, and other deficiencies that usually occur.

Exceptional Protection and Durability: 

After your car is treated with Opti-Coat, you won’t have to worry about bugs splattering, hard water stains, and other environmental dangers.  This coating is resistant to contamination and radiates with that glossy shine that you see in the commercials. Aside from aesthetics, your car will be much more scratch resistant.

Easy Maintenance:

It’s happened to all of us. You parked under a tree and let’s just say the birds were not your friend today.You come back to your car with bird droppings everywhere. If your car is equipped with Opti-Coat protection, a quick rinse will do the trick! Our premier coating system has special hydrophobic qualities that ensure protection from external debris. A quick rinse will have your car looking nice and shiny again!

Opti-Coat will keep you off your hands and knees scrubbing the side of your car. Don’t spend your summer worrying about the bug splatters or pebbles, relax and enjoy the benefits that Opti-Coat has to offer!

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