5 Places You Shouldn’t Park Your Car this Summer

1. Street Parking : Avoid parking your car on a super condensed, high traffic street. This increases the likelihood that a car or bike could ding your mirror or door. Also, refrain from parking too close to the corner of an intersection. When people make a sharp turn, it increases the likelihood that your car could be damaged or dinged, so try not to park close to an intersection.

2. Parking garages: If you need to park in a parking garage, try and choose a spot near an exit or well lit area. Make sure your windows are rolled up and doors are locked when you enter and exit the vehicle. Have your keys handy and easily accessible when returning, a quick entry and exit will ensure that you’re protected. Locate security cameras and exit points so you’re confident in step. Thieves typically avoid the most populated and well lit areas, so security cameras are your friend. They ensure that in the unfortunate circumstance a crime would occur, there will be footage to reference.

Unfortunately summer weather can lead to an increase in criminal activity, 

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, “More than 1 in 10 property crimes occurred in parking lots or garages”. We encourage you to be safe this summer and survey your surroundings no matter where you park. 

3. Tree Sap : Over time, Tree sap can etch through your cars exterior paint. If possible, avoid 

parking under trees for long periods of time - Maple trees in particular are known for excessive sap productions. Our All-N-1 Detailing Packages remove debris, sap, and grime so you’re left with a sparkling, polished look. For normal wear and tear, we recommend a monthly wash to the glass, wheel wells, and door jambs to keep your car looking brand new. If you elect to remove sap yourself, here is a quick summary of the process:  

Start out by washing and drying your vehicle to remove all surface debris. Once that is complete, put some type of bug/tar remover or rubbing alcohol on a terry cloth. Place the cloth over the sap and let set for about a minute. Next, rub the area until sap is removed. There will be excess. You may need to use your fingernail to scratch off the remains, but at that point the sap should chip off fairly easily. 

4. Try to park in shade - sun exposure could result in upholstery and dash-board issues. We recommend to always park in the shade if you have the opportunity. Protection from the sun not only protects your cars exterior, but it shields the upholstery and dash-board. Summer heat takes a toll on leather, and if you have a black, dark blue or red car, sunlight exposure could result in a faded appearance. Consider getting a car cover or windshield protectant to prevent damage and preserve your money. Regular waxing and maintenance will preserve the original tint  and keeps your car looking brand new. 

5. In Front of a Fire Hydrant 

This is a familiar concept for most people, and luckily there are usually signs stating where you can and can’t park. However in neighborhoods and apartment complexes, it may not always be clear. In the event that a curb is unmarked, law restricts pedestrians from parking within 15 feet of a hydrant. So make sure you’re in the right spot, and you’ll avoid any extra ticket costs.

We hope these tips helped, and we hope you all have a great summer! For any questions about our detailing packages or protective coatings give us a call at 317-865-7500.