5 Cold Weather Problems for Your Car


Even though the weather is hotter than normal this fall in Indianapolis, that doesn’t mean winter isn’t going to hit us hard like it normally does. The Indianapolis winters are tough on our cars and you need to be aware of the problems it causes before the cold weather starts coming in. Let’s take a look what you should be conscious of going into the colder months so you can take preventative action for your vehicle.


If you have been through an Indiana winter, then you know there will be segments of time where the snow will pile up. Snow can damage your car’s paint, so it is important to store your car in the garage if you can. If not, then be sure to brush the snow off your car in the morning before you leave for work. To ensure your paint doesn’t get damaged, bring it into us to put a protective paint coating, like Opti-Coat, on your car’s paint to have a layer of defense against the snow.


Salt makes the roads safer for us to drive on during the winter months, but it’s devastating for your car’s paint. The salt causes a chemical reaction with your paint and causes it to rust if not cleaned off properly in a timely manner. It is crucial to bring your car into us after winter ends to wipe the slate clean to make sure there is no salt leftover moving forward. 

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Paint Fading

Many people forget that the sun’s UV rays are just as powerful in the colder months as they are in the warmer months. You still need to protect your car with a protective paint coating so the paint doesn’t fade. When your car’s paint fades, its value plummets.

Windshield Wipers

There is nothing more frustrating and dangerous than when your windshield wipers are not capable of fully removing the snow from the windshield while driving. When they are leaving streaks instead of clearing everything off your windshield, it is time to change them. If you want to be safe, you should change them once a year when winter is around the corner.

Hot Water on Windshield

When ice forms on your windshield, most people put the kettle on and pour the hot water on the windshield for a quick and easy fix. Because of the temperature difference between the hot water and the freezing windshield, you are risking a crack in your windshield. Your best bet is to use the ice scraping to avoid any problems. Remember, the ice scraper is only for the windows. If you use the ice scraper on the paint of your car, you will damage the paint. To make your windows more resistant to ice forming, we offer Opti-Glass, an application that creates a durable protection on your window’s surfaces.

Indiana winters are harsh on all cars so to help your vehicle last longer and retain its resale value, bring it car into us. We have the products, equipment, and the expertise to protect your vehicle for the long term!