A highly intelligent, capable and invaluable option to increase resale value and protect vehicle integrity, its complex formula ensures protection from high humidity environments while requiring less long-term maintenance than leading alternatives.


  • Protects materials without penetrating, staining or smudging.

  • Open-structure materials applied with the formula, such as plush carpets, are protected at the fiber level.

  • When applied, the coating prevents any liquid penetration, safeguarding surfaces from permanent staining.

  • Each application creates a strong bond between fibers, preventing long-term removal from wear-and-tear situations, cleaning and abrasions. This bond, existing between coating and substrate, creates an incredibly high contact angle.

  • Upon connection, liquids are unable to attach to fibers and are repelled as droplets.

  • Permanent protection needn’t be applied many times, and application ensures long-term defense from interior spills, rain contact and persistent humidity.

Your vehicle deserves high-end protection, and Opti-Guard Fabric ensures virtually limitless defense against day-to-day liquid contact. Both high-end and average vehicles can benefit from high-end fabric protection, and most interior surfaces are accessible to its application.

Protect your vehicle from ongoing exposure to liquid, and guarantee your fabric’s lifeline with this ground-breaking protectant.