Who Are You Voting For?

No, we’re not talking about politics; we’re talking about the Indy A-List! We have been nominated for best in auto-detail in Indianapolis! We’ve been nominated in past years but we realized something, we are the best, why haven’t we won? We know we’re the best auto detail shop in the area, that is a fact not an opinion. So if you agree, please give us a vote. Here are the top reasons you should vote for us:

1. We offer the highest quality services in the business

Of course, everyone is going to claim this. What sets us apart is our deep understanding for the science behind detailing. Our team knows exactly how to treat paint and different materials to get the most life out of them. The proof of our quality is in our satisfaction rating, which is through the roof. Just see what Rishi Pattar had to say:

“I brought my 2003 Lexus RX300 to All-N-1 hoping to somewhat salvage the interior of my car. It had been ravaged pretty thoroughly by dogs from the previous owner. Dog hair everywhere, funky smell, the leather looked dirty and worn; in bad shape, all around. The owner Robin made some suggestions as to what services were recommended and when I picked it up today, I was utterly amazed. Honestly, it looks brand-spanking new. They've really done an outstanding job. Would recommend to anyone. Very reasonable pricing for terrific service.”

2. We hold some important certifications

As you may or may not know, restrictions on becoming an auto detail shop can vary greatly. Those in the top tier, such as ourselves, require a great deal of verification to get where we are. One such example is our membership with the International Detailing Association (IDA). IDA is a valuable resource that only the best detail shops use. Certification through IDA gives us insider access to major industry trade shows and events, free webinars, educational and training programs and much more! This resource makes us experts in auto detailing and therefore a very valuable resource to you. One of the unique certifications we hold is that we are an authorized Opti-Coat installer. This is an honor bestowed on very few shops across the state. To be authorized, our team had to travel to the Optimum Polymer Technology location and complete training. It has been completely worth it because our Opti- products are probably the most important products we carry. They're one of the highest quality car care products you can buy. The fact that we are authorized to use these products puts us leaps and bounds in front of the competition.

3. You could win $300.

If the other two points weren’t enough, maybe this is a good enough reason. Anyone who votes for us is entered into a contest to win a $300 gift certificate to our shop!

We hope you now see why we are the best detail shop in the state. Be sure to give us a vote and you could win a $300 gift certificate! CAST YOUR VOTE CLICK HERE.

“Had a little chocolate accidentally smear on my wife's light grey drivers seat. I called Ziebart to see if they could just clean the one seat for me since it was just that one seat and was pretty minor. They said no and they would have to do the WHOLE interior. Needless to say, the crooks at Ziebart will never get my business again. So I call All-N-1 and the guy said he would clean it no problem for $20 and just to bring it in the next morning. My wife took it in and within 5 minutes had the seat clean and didn’t charge me a dime. Will definitely return to this place for all future business.”  – Barney (Indianapolis)

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