What Is Paint Correction?

If you browse through our website, you would see that we offer paint correction and repair as a service. Today we would be educating our readers more about it.

Car detailing started as a humble profession. In its initial years, it was just about washing the car and doing the necessary interior cleaning. However, as the car industry grew and added more sheen to their way of presenting things, so made the demand for additional services at the auto-detailing end.

Come to the present times. Now an auto-detailer is more like a full-service mechanic with the only difference that he does not touch the engine for the repairs and maintenance. Apart from the technical functioning of an automobile, now an auto detailer has his fangs in everything else that a car needs to look and feel good.

Every car owner wants his car to look shiny and clean. A car has now become an extension of a man’s persona. We mean people might judge you by your car’s condition now. A beautiful car now equals success. Therefore, having a car that not only drives well but looks good too is more of a necessity than an option.

Coming to the point, nowadays car paints take a beating during the day to day functioning. Getting bumped while parking or some other car brushing against yours is a common occurrence now. It is natural to have minor and even more than minor scratches on the car paint. Car paint can be damaged even when cleaning or polishing the car all by yourself. At times, using the wrong tools and materials for cleaning and polishing your car can leave micro-abrasions on the paint surface. These little flaws make the paint look dull or at best give a feeling that something is off in the way your car looks.

That’s why people go for car paint protection products like Opti-Coat, details of which we have already covered in our previous blog posts. Now the process of paint correction and repair is for the people who do not have a protective coating on their car paint. This process saves a lot of time and money as for minor scratches one cannot go for the entire car repaint.

Paint correction is an auto-detailing service which takes care of fixing these minor paint issues. Most of the times, these scratches and paint damages are on the top layer of the paint and can be taken care of quickly. These scratches, if left without repair, would eventually wear down to the base layer and then the issue is at a different level and would require additional procedures to be fixed properly.

If you are not sure whether your car requires paint correction, please bring your car to us. We would be more than glad to have a look and suggest the best course of action. As a professional auto-detailing company, we can only say that in matters of car paint “a stitch in time saves nine.”

Do write to us in case you need some additional information.

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