What is an ozone treatment for a car?

A smelly car is such a turnoff. Odor in the car can be a real concern if you have an old car or planning to buy a used car soon. In fact, we have seen many people rejecting a used car just because it smelled old and damp or even awful.

Being humans, we are a slave to our senses, so no matter how well the paint job or the engine of the car is, if it smells bad, it's going to be hated. Cars with regular use are bound to have a signature odor. Over a period of time, this odor becomes a real pain in the neck. Is there a solution to the problem? Yes, there is and it's called ozone treatment for the car.

In fact, the technical term for ozone treatment for the car is ozone shock treatment. It's the only way that would ensure that your car becomes odor neutral. Just to add some spice in our blog post, we would let our readers know that ozone is a gas which goes by the symbol O3. It has one extra oxygen molecule and has a property of killing odor causing elements.

Ozone shock treatment is the process of layering your car interior with ozone so that even the deep seeded odor-causing agents are eliminated. We provide ozone treatment for our clients and today we will be sharing its procedure.

Step 1: Clean the Car

Before we start pumping ozone in the car, we have to clean the interiors of the car properly. The seats and the carpets have to be properly vacuumed. The entire car has to be cleaned properly so as to remove every piece of debris. Ozone can't kill bacteria and other odor-causing agents if it cannot reach it.

Step 2:  Using Ozone Generator

The ozone generator is a device which pumps ozone gas into the car. We have different generators for different sizes of car cabin. The amount of ozone that is pumped into the cabin should be perfect for the ozone treatment to work. The ozone generator is typically connected to an output pipe which we put inside the car through the driver side window while keeping all the other windows closed.

Step 3:  Timing

The amount of time required for ozone to do its work varies from car to car. However, on an average, 30 mins of gassing is sufficient to take care of most of the odor issues. We always recommend our clients to stay clear when ozone is in the car as it is toxic for humans and pets. Typically, the car is turned on idle and the fans are kept running on recirculation mode at full speed. After the treatment is done, all the doors and windows of the car are kept open so that any extra ozone can escape the car.

Step 4: Checking the car

As a rule of thumb, one session of ozone treatment is enough to remove the odor from the car. However, by our experience, we can safely say that in certain cases, up to 3 sessions might be required to get the desired effect.

To conclude our blog post, we would say that you should get an annual ozone treatment done for the car. This will help in keeping the car smelling fresh as a daisy.

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