The Biggest Factors That Devalue Your Vehicle

We do not recommend purchasing your vehicle with the intentions of making money off of it. Unless you’re restoring a classic car, you should expect your car to lose value the moment you drive it off the lot – and even restoring a car doesn’t guarantee you’ll turn a profit. With that said, it is important to take good care of your vehicle and slow the depreciation process as much as possible. If you can avoid some of these common mistakes, your car will maintain an optimum value that you might be able to cash in on when you purchase your next vehicle.

Neglecting the factory paint

It is entirely possible that you won’t wash your car the entire time you own it. This would be an extreme case of neglect, but surprisingly, people do it. Regular washing is the bare minimum you should complete to protect your paint. Dirt on your vehicle will cause tiny micro-scratches to form in the paint. Other hazards like salt and tar eat away at the paint. Once the paint is damaged, the metal becomes susceptible to rusting. Needless to say, rust will kill a car’s value. Washing will protect from this damage. Additionally, we recommend some form of wax or coating to protect from damage. We provide a unique ceramic coating called Opti-Coat to provide the best protection from the elements.

Cheap Insurance

Driving without auto insurance is against the law; people do it anyways. Even having the wrong insurance could prove costly. Statistically, most people will be involved in some sort of auto accident at some point in their lives. Having good insurance will more than pay for itself when collision repair is necessary. Having the repairs done properly will help maintain your car’s value.

Smoking in the vehicle

We preach this one all the time. Smoking is absolutely devastating to your car’s value. Smokers get used to the smell and don’t notice it but if you plan on selling your car eventually, the next owner is sure to notice. Smoke condenses and leaves behind a sticky, smelly substance. That substance gets trapped deep inside interior fabrics and cushions and is nearly impossible to remove. We provide a unique ozonation service that scrubs the air in your vehicle, but your best bet is to not smoke in the car.

Neglecting the interior

In general, most people get their exteriors cleaned on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately, more commonly, the interior of the vehicle is neglected. The occasional vacuuming is a good start, but to retain the most value, a deep interior detailing is in order periodically. A majority of people eat and drink in their cars, a spill is almost inevitable. When crumbs, sugar or salt get into the interior components of the vehicle, they begin to eat away at it. Vacuuming alone can’t remove the mess. We offer high quality interior detailing at an affordable price. It may be worth your while to get your vehicle interior detailed to retain its value.

Keeping your vehicle in top shape is the best way to retain as much value as possible throughout the life of your car. Avoiding these mistakes, in addition to regular mechanical maintenance will help extend the life of your vehicle and its value.

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