Should I Wax a New Car? 5 Tell Tell Signs!

Popular Quarterly Package Includes Wax to Remove Scratches

Do you deal with the constant struggle to keep your car neat and clean? Throughout the course of the day, you’re bound to get scratches from debris, pebbles, or gravel. Polishing with wax may reduce the visibility of those scratches, or even remove them all together. At All-N-1 Detailing, our Quarterly package includes a fresh coat of wax on all paintwork.

Waxing may not remove significant blemishes, but it can ensure that you’re doing the maximum possible to protect your vehicle from the elements.

Take Your Summer Road Trip Worry Free

Travel worry free this summer knowing that your car’s paint won’t fade or scratch. A waxy coat acts as a permeable surface so that grub and grime won’t stick to your car. This means you can spend more time enjoying the view in

With a little bit of elbow grease, you can buffer out the scuffs and imperfections from your travel time, however depending on the various types of conditions your car is exposed to, we recommend having your car waxed every three to four months for the best results.An additional coat of wax acts as a sealant, and prevents debris from penetrating the paint coat. Regular waxing provides renewed protection for your investment and saves you money in the long run.

Waxing prevents paint from chipping and acts as an additional protective coat so when you paint stays looking new longer.


There’s something fulfilling about that new polished look that comes from a fresh coat of wax. Your car looks brand new and is protected from mother nature. With our quarterly detailing package, we hand wash (no brushes), hand dry, Wax all paintwork, vacuum passenger-cargo-trunk areas, clean interior plastics, shampoo floor mats, clean wheel faces-barrels and wheel wells, degrease/clean door jambs, and clean glass so that your car leaves the shop looking brand new. Regular maintenance on your car increases its resale value and simply looks nicer.

Believe it or not, you can wax your car too often. Take a look at this detail tip we posted last summer from Car Detailing Mistakes You Must Avoid”

“Wax: Some people like to literally dip their cars in wax. Ask yourself what good it's going to do. Being an expert on such matters I will let you in a secret. Too much wax won't make any difference to the way your ride looks. On the contrary, you have to work twice as hard in buffing it into a shine. So be smart and use the recommended amount of wax on your car.”

Protect your investment, exterior condition is a huge selling point for resale value, so be sure to regularly maintain all aspects of your car. When you bring your car to All-N-1 for a detailing service, We do much more than just wash your car and dry it off. We make sure every nook and cranny is fresh as new. The major benefit to having your car professionally detailed is the attention to detail (hence the name). We clean your car and correct any imperfection as well as use protective paint coatings to make the paint more durable. Auto detailing is not a one trick pony, we offer a number of other packages including interior and engine detailing services.

Leave with a high gloss finish that will turn heads and leave your paint looking brand new. For additional questions, please review more of our website, or give us a call at  317-865-7500