Protecting Your Car’s Paint with Opti-Coat


What We Feel!

Being into the business of making cars look good, we know the type of varied advice that new car owners receive when it comes to protecting the car paint. Well, not being judgmental here, but, we personally believe that in matters of protecting your car paint and finish, you should listen to experts only.

The intention of writing this blog post is to make our readers aware of benefits of opti-coat, a revolutionary product to protect and enhance your car's paint finish. Often people get confused that opti-coat is just another car wax, but the fact is that it is a pre-polymer product which, once applied, provides the car paint with a continuous protective film. It provides a long lasting protection to the car paint and also helps in evading minor scratches on the surface.

Why Choose Opti-Coat?

Daily 100s of car owners are going for opti-coat. The reason is the level of protection that it provides. Opti-coat provides superior bird dropping protection along with a high level of chemical protection. A thick opti-coat layer gives a superior shine and scratch resistance to your car. It also provides superior protection from water. A car's surface treated with opti-coat has a great hydrophobic property, hence, protecting your car from water damage.

Yes, one thing we as a professional auto-detailing company must admit is that getting opti-coat done for your car will have significant cost implications. The overall cost of the job will depend upon the number of coats that are applied, the method used to apply (hand application or spray gun) the opti-coat, the number of layers that are required to provide optimum protection, etc.

We recommend going for multiple coats of opti-coat for optimal protection. Products like opti-coat are a real boon for the car owners. It helps them save significant money in the long run. Having a proper opti-coat application on car ensures that your car stays shiny and new with the least effort. 

A well detailed car will always provide greater satisfaction to its owner. Another point worth mentioning here is that products like opti-coat also help in enhancing the sales value of the car. A car with glossy protected paint will obviously fetch more price in the used cars market than the one which has a dull paint job. Apart from the cosmetic appeal, a well protected car paint is an indicator that the base metal work of the car is rust and damage free. Corrosion is what diminishes the value of a car. We are not saying that it's the only factor, but it has a huge implication as far as body damage is concerned.

We are into the business of providing world class auto-detailing services, and we know the real value of a well maintained car. Paint is the first indicator of your car's health and it's always a good idea to protect it. Repainting is a costly affair, and anyways taking preventive measures is always more economical than going for curative measures. 

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