How To Prevent Rust On Your Vehicle?

Rust is a vehicle's worst nightmare and there are plenty of things that could cause your vehicle to rust, such as: road salt, bugs, rocks and other flying debris, as well as that nice fresh salty sea air you love so much, just to name a few. Therefore, if you are not proactively trying to prevent rust on your vehicle, it could end up causing serious damage in more ways than one.


Here are six ways to help prevent rust on your vehicle.

1. Routine Washing

Washing your car at least twice a month is extremely important. And at least once a week, if you live near the ocean or in areas where they routinely salt the roads, because salt speeds up the rusting process.

2. Wax or Opti-Coat

Yes, we know waxing is extremely time consuming and not really all that much fun. However, you must wax your vehicle and it must be done every few months, if you want keep your vehicle from being damaged. Alternatively, and a much better option if you want to save time and money, is to have your vehicle treated with Opti-Coat so you will never have to wax your vehicle again! SWEET!

3. Undercarriage Care

When thinking about rust most people only associate rust with the exterior paint on their vehicle. However, when trying to prevent rust, you must also care for your vehicle's undercarriage as well. In fact, your vehicle's undercarriage is even more susceptible to rust than any other part of your vehicle because it's closest to the road. You can do this by regularly washing it or having it professionally treated with a paint compound or other specialized coating designed to help prevent rust.

4. Interior Upkeep

Did you know that rust can start on the inside of your vehicle and rust through to the outside? Well, it can and does. Therefore, you should quickly clean up any spills from food, drinks or anything else that could potentially create rust pits and ruin your vehicle from the inside out.

5. Keep it Covered

No, you don't have to cover your vehicle everyday when you are finished using it (but you can if you want to). However, if you are going to be away from your vehicle for an extended period of time, it's best to cover it to prevent the buildup of dirt and other debris that could result in rust or other damage.

6. Don't Let Damage Linger

You should inspect your vehicle regularly for dings, dents, chips, pits, scratches, paint bubbles, blisters or any other damage that could allow water to seep into those areas and rust your vehicle's surface. Once you've discovered even the smallest area of damage, have those spots treated or repaired immediately if you want to prevent future exposure and rust.

It's a small price to pay to have your vehicle professionally treated to help prevent rust and preserve its value and dependability. We offer Opti-Coat protective coatings, engine detailing, undercarriage washes, a paint touch up service and more. Contact us today and let us show you exactly how easy and inexpensive it can be to protect your investment from the elements.


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