How to Prepare Your Car for the Car Show

The big car show just around the corner? Is your vintage vette or old school mustang ready for the show or does it need work done first?

We have a few steps to fully prepare your baby for the car show.



The most important step in preparing your car for the car show is common sense. Wash and detail your car. Car show judges are strictly looking for the details. You are going to want to make sure you get every square inch of the car. That means the rims and the engine compartment too. You will need to use cleaning products that are automobile specific. If you clean your car and it doesn’t have that sparkle, then do it again. At a car show, you need your car to shine enough that you can see the food in your teeth from looking at the hood.


All the glass from the windshield and the windows need to be perfect as well. You don’t want to forget about cleaning the inside of the glass. People sometimes forget that cleaning the inside of the glass is just as important as cleaning the outside. You can use window cleaner for inside your house to clean off all the glass but it will leave some streaks. After you polish off the window cleaner, it is smart to go over all the glass one more time with water to remove the streaks.


You need to vacuum inside, then use automotive carpet cleaner, then vacuum again. The inside needs to be spotless. It needs to be thoroughly wiped down with a rag that’s been dropped in warm water. A place to not forget about is the inside of the trunk. Sometimes the trunk will be opened at car shows.


If you consistently put your car into car shows, it isn’t a bad idea to have an extra set of tires. It is underestimated how much new tires make the whole car look brand new. This step might give you that extra edge over everybody else.


Sometimes car shows are hundreds of miles away from where you live. Depending on the location and certain streets you would go down, you might want to have your car shipped to the event. This would rule out any unexpected accidents such as scuffing up a bumper or hitting a pothole.


You will need to bring your own set of supplies to touch up the vehicle once you are at the show. It would be unfortunate if there was a big smudge on the hood or window and you had nothing to clean it up with.

If you need help getting your vehicle ready for the next big show, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  We'll be happy to hook up your vehicle and it get it ready for the show!

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