6 Ways to Preserve Your Classic Car's Longevity

Covering Your Car from Mother Nature 

Mother nature can chip away at your classic car’s lifespan. Exposure of elements like sun, rain, and wind will slowly devalue your car. Too much exposure to the sun and the paint will fade, too much exposure to rain and rust begins to develop, and wind will blow all sorts of objects towards your car which could possibly dent or scratch your car. The safest way to make sure of avoiding mother nature kicking your classic’s butt is to store it away in a garage. By covering it you will be ensuring its protection. 

Consistent Checkups 

Even for the biggest gear heads, it is a safe decision to have a trusted professional mechanic perform checkups from time to time to make sure there are not underlying problems. Even missing a one particular adjustment could turn out to be a big problem later on. Take advantage of a professional’s knowledge because it can only help in the long run. 

Professional Detail 

A professional detail will solve a lot of your problems and save you some time too. If your classic car isn’t cleaned thoroughly, the buildup of dirt can lead to paint chipping, rust, and even reduced performance. You will also want to wax your car to give it a shielding power against mother nature’s wrath. To give your car max protection and not have to worry about waxing again, you can take advantage of our Opti-Coat Paint Protection. It will give your car a gloss and silkiness that will add value as well. 

Interior Matters 

When putting a classic car up for sale, the interior matters just as much as the exterior to the value. The interior should always be clean and there should be nothing left in the car that could leave a smell. When taking your friends on rides, the inside of the car is what makes it feel special. You should not eat or drink anything while in the car because of the risk of spilling and causing stains. A professional interior detail will solve any mishaps that might occur. 

Changing Your Oil 

This is to make sure your classic car will run smoothly for as long as possible. To ensure a high value on a classic car, you need to be thinking about maintaining its longevity. Regular oil changes will only help its lifespan. 

Joy Rides 

This is not just to show it off. Going on a joy rides from time to time will keep your classic car running smoothly. If a car just sits in the garage for years on end, the chances of corrosion and rust start to sky rocket. Another benefit is you will have the chance to feel if there is anything wrong internally with the car on these rides. It is difficult to know if the car runs okay when it is just sitting in the garage. So use this information to justify taking your car around the block and turn some heads while doing it! You deserve to enjoy the feeling of riding around in a beautiful car.