Matte Paint Job Myths....BUSTED!

We live in a world that loves trends, wouldn’t you say? Lately, there has a been a trend with some of the higher end cars that have caught some wind and generating a bit of attention. When you buy a higher end car, you don’t want it to be just like everybody else’s. I am talking about a Matte (or flat) paint job. 

Even though matte paint isn’t new to the world, considering that it has been used in the industrial environment for quite some time now, it is relatively new to the automotive world. Since it is not the most common paint job there is, it is not common knowledge yet about what problems and solutions there are for a matte paint job. With the attention that a matte paint job receives and the lack of knowledge about it, rumors have risen. It is like in high school movie when a new kid shows up and the rumors start flying. We are here to unravel some of those rumors and hit you with some truth. 

“You can’t protect matte paint” 


Even though at first there wasn’t a way to fully protect a matte paint job, technology has advanced. If you use a liquid matte paint sealant that isn’t made to add gloss to the car, then you are on your way to protecting that paint job. You can easily ruin the paint job if you use the wrong substances that include wax, silicones, or fillers though. Some people even think dish soap is okay to use on their matte paint job. These people are sadly mistaken. 

“Matte paint doesn’t have a clear coat” 


This is more than a just a myth, it is a flat out lie. The clear coat is the reason why it even looks flat in the first place. It is just put on differently. The clear coat on a matte paint job uses dimples and divots to reflect the light in an unusual way so that it reflects its surroundings and not right back at you. Without a clear coat, you are running the risk of irreversible damage to your paint. 

“The dealership can help you understand how matte paint works” 


The car salesman has no part in any part of the car’s process other than hoping you buy the car off of them. They may act like they have the answers to make you feel more comfortable about buying another car but make sure you ask a professional detailer if you want answers about a paint job. What makes us sleep at night is your car turns heads, not any sort of numbers game. 

Matte paint is a bit more expensive to have applied to your car so if you have any questions, we would love to help you gain more knowledge over the topic. Make sure you ask the professionals if you are not sure about anything related to what is best for your car. We want what is best for you and your ride.