How To Prevent Car Break-Ins?

When the weather gets warmer, more people go outside in general, which means everyone’s car is at a greater risk for break-ins. While no one can prevent burglars from stealing your things, there are certain precautions you can take to keep your car safe.

  • Park near lights at night
  • Don’t park in the shade during the day
  • Keep it clean: if you have items you normally leave laying around (ex. Jackets, change, bags) putting them in the trunk won’t draw as much attention
  • Put some type of blinking light on your dashboard – this will make it seem like you have a more advanced alarm system
  • Don’t leave your windows or sunroof cracked, this just makes your car look more appealing to break in to

Tinted Windows

Tinted windows give your car a beautiful, sleek look and help prevent others from intruding on your property. Here at All-N-1 we encourage you to keep your car – and yourself safe from burglars this summer with our premier window tinting!

Check out our services we provide and if you need paint or scratch and scuff removal to keep your car nice and shiny for the warm weather, give us a call below.