How to Wisely Remove Badges or Decals from Your Car

Car dealerships love to put stickers all over their cars showcasing their low marked-down prices or simply that the car is from their dealership. What happens to a lot of people is when they get home with their new car and decide to peel off the decal, it comes off leaving a sticky outline that refuses to come off. This can be very irritating for many. Here is what you want to do from the start when faced with this problem.


There are six supplies that will help you get through this process without leaving any marks on your car when removing a badge or decal.

  • Glue remover
  • Cleaning cloth (microfiber)
  • Hairdryer (You will need to be within distance of an outlet in the garage)
  • Sponge
  • Soap
  • Water


1. Clean

The first move is to clean the area around the decal. Have a bucket of soapy water, take the sponge and start cleaning the designated area. This will make the whole process smooth and painless.

2. Dry

You will want to use a microfiber cleaning cloth because it will not scratch your paint. Drying off the car will make sure you don’t have any water spots when this is all over.

3. Warm Up Badge or Decal

In the third step, you will pull out the hair dryer and plug it in. You are going to want to make sure that you are completely dry before putting your hands near an outlet. Also make sure your bucket of water is out of the way and is not near the hairdryer, extension cord, or outlet. Start by turning on the hairdryer and facing it towards your badge or decal. Within a minute the glue underneath the badge or decal will start to melt. Don’t go over a minute as you will start to cause other problems if you do.

4. Take Off Badge or Decal

When the badge’s or decal’s glue is warm and soft, start to peel it off slow and gently. If you take it off too fast, you might rip the badge or decal. That would just be more of a hassle. If it is hard to take off, try applying the hairdryer for a bit longer.

5. Wipe Off Glue with Glue Remover

The last step to get you through the process is to use your glue remover. You might have to use a bit of grit to clear it off completely but it will come off.

Next time you see somebody riding down the road with an outline of a badge or decal, you will most likely think of this blog. If not taken care of right away, you will most likely have to bring it into us to handle. We want you to have a flawless car that turns heads when driving by and leftover glue marks might hinder that experience. Make sure to refer this blog to anybody you know that is getting ready to rip off their badge or decal on their vehicle! If you need help removing a badge or decal or need that ugly glue mark cleared off of your car, click the button below to schedule an appointment with us!