Expert Guide to Keeping Your Car Brand New

Being in the business of auto-detailing we know the true value of a well-maintained car for its owner. Having said that, maintaining a car is not an easy task and requires consistent work. You have the engine and components that need to be taken care of, and then you have the interior and exterior of the car that needs regular maintenance.


Today we will be focusing more on the tips and information that when followed with diligence will keep your car looking and feeling brand new for its entire serviceable life. So here we go :

1. Prevention is Better than Cure: You know this one right? But still, let us explain it more. Getting a damaged part repaired is always more expensive than taking measures to avoid the damage in the first place. The market is flooded with cleaning and protective products which makes preventing car damage a breeze. There are so many water less, spray on cleaning agents available, it would be really wise to own a few of them.

2. Car Wash: Washing your car using the proper cleaning agent is a sure shot way to enhance the life of your car’s paint. The question that arises here is that how often should you be washing your car? well, the answer lies in the fact that how often your car becomes dirty. By dirty we mean the undercarriage and the whole body being pasted with dirt kind of dirty. If you live in the area where this happens frequently then we recommend washing your car once a week. Otherwise depending upon the conditions of the region washing your car even once a month would suffice. Yes, a Pro Tip always wash and clean the tires and wheels of the car first. This will ensure that no dirt and grime spills on the other parts when washing them.

3. The Wax: Before you pull out that applicator and the can of carnauba wax, relax and do a small test called the bead test on your car. Splash a little water on the paint of the car, do you see the water beads. If you do then you don't need to wax your car now, if the water dribbles down or the beads are not formed then it's time to wax your car. One more thing, people are often confused about is whether to use wax or polish on their car. You can choose either one of them, they both serve the purpose. However don't use them together. It won't do your car any good.

4. The Products: Lots of them are available in the market and they are good. We are not going to make a product guide here. What we want to say is that no matter which product you use whether you are using it on the exterior or the interior make sure that you pour it on the applicator and then apply it. Squirting it directly on the surface often leads to concentrated spots which look odd afterward.

5. Taking Care of the Glass: Glass is also an important element of the car. The clean glass looks great and also is a safety measure. While cleaning the glass make sure that you use a fresh microfiber towel. Use the correct amount of cleaner and use it as per the instructions on the container. Buff the glass properly and finish the glass cleaning with the dry side of your towel.

6. The Smell: After you are done cleaning your car, just grab an air freshener and spray it into the car. This step ladies and gentleman will make your car cleaning complete.