How to Dog Proof Your Car

Fact: Dogs love car rides (except when they’re going to the vet).

Me personally, I love seeing how happy my dog is when his face is flopping in the wind out the passenger window. I don’t love seeing how much hair and dirt is in my car after just a couple rides with my dog. Even though I love bringing him along for ride, I leave him behind sometimes just because I don’t want to have to deal with the mess afterwards. I have a few tips that have been helpful to me and allows me be more willing to give my dog more joy rides.

Clear the car of any trace of dog

For starters, it is important to start fresh before going through with dog proofing your car. You can do all the hard work yourself with clearing the car of hair, dirt, scent, etc. Or you can make it easy on yourself and bring your car in to All-N-1 in Greenwood and do a deep interior cleaning.


Two options: Interior Opti-Coat or Seat Covers

All-N-1 is the only detailing shop in Indianapolis that is certified and authorized in servicing Opti-Coat products. Opti-Guard is a series of coatings to provide superior protection and durability for all interior surfaces including leather, vinyl, and fabric materials. This will make it harder for your dog’s claws scratch up your car seats. Also it makes it easier to wipe off any dirt marks from those big ol’ meaty paws.

Another option is getting seat covers for all the seats in your car. This will do a good job protecting your car seats. Being able to take them off and shake off the hair outside the car is a bonus as well. We do sell and install custom made seat covers for all makes and models.

Two more options: Opti-Glass or Plastic Wrap

The best part about the car ride for the dog is put their face out the window into the oncoming wind. You can’t hold them back from having all that fun just because they might get some slobber on the window. You have two choices on how to handle this problem without closing the window on that poor puppy. You could come to All-N-1 and have us apply our Opti-Glass one time or you could put on and take off plastic wrap on the window every time you bring your dog along. Opti-Glass Coating is designed to chemically bond to silica based surfaces such as automotive glass and provide long term water (slobber) repellency and improve resistance against scratching (of the claws) and rock chips for up to one year.

Car fresheners are a must

You might not notice how much your dog smells because you are around it so much. Trust me, the smell hits guests in the face immediately. They might be too nice to mention it but it is there. It is very important to always have some sort of air freshener in your car when you are bringing your dog along for rides. There are plenty of options. There is the stereotypically dangling smelly tree from the rear view window, the little square device you hook up to the air conditioning, or even just have a Febreeze bottle in the middle compartment. We have an Ozonator machine that can remove dog smells. It is a small machine that completely takes out the old smelly air and replenishes the car will all new fresh air.

If you are looking to have your car a little more protected or have it cleaned from your furry friends, please contact us below and we'll get you taken care of!

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