Why Your Dealership Needs Optimum Paint Guard

Optimum Paint Guard-Today's Necessity For Dealerships

Protect Your Inventory With Optimum Paint Guard!
Protect Your Inventory With Optimum Paint Guard!

Protecting your investment is an important part of owning and managing a dealership. The way your vehicles look and how well they hold up to the elements weighs heavily on your reputation in the industry. Therefore, you need a quality paint protection option like Optimum Paint Guard, if you want to preserve your most valuable asset, your inventory.

Protection from Daily Wear and Tear

Daily wear and tear from the sun, rain, dirt, dust and other wind-borne debris that is constantly hammering your inventory can quickly make them look worn which lowers their value in a buyer's mind. Using Optimum Paint Guard will add durability and help protect your vehicles from the elements, as well as the chemicals from excessive cleanings.

Increased ROI

Investing in an in-house paint guard is a cost-effective way to protect your inventory while boosting your brand's reputation for having high-quality vehicles now and going forward. What your vehicles will look like years down the road is just as important as what they look like now. If they maintain their youthful look, the more likely you are to attract repeat business. Therefore, you will not only save money now by performing the paint guard applications yourself, but you will also have the opportunity for making money off that customer again in the future. And that's the best kind of return on your investment possible.

Short and Long Term Paint Protection

Short and long-term paint protection is a priority you can't afford to ignore. Using Optimum Paint Guard will help protect your inventory from acid rain, bird droppings, microscopic airborne dirt and debris, the repeated cleaning of your vehicles and other similar wear and tear that causes etched paint.

Optimum Paint Guard - A Smart Choice

Opti-Coat produces the wildly popular Optimum Paint Guard product and once applied it will last for years. And, it's extremely effective in preserving the surface of both new and used vehicles alike. When using Optimum Paint Guard, you will enjoy a single step application process, increased ROI and the short and long-term paint protection that will boost your brand's reputation and the durability of your vehicles' surfaces as well.

So you have to ask "What is Optimum Paint Guard worth to you?" And the answer is: PRICELESS!

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