Ceramic Paint Coating Increase Resale Value?

Opti-Coat Pro Plus

If you think you're going to sell your car some day, you'll want to invest in Opti-Coat Pro Plus. Of all the paint coatings available, PRO+ is the ultimate fail-safe protection for your car if you want to get the most money possible when selling it.

Pro+ Shines Like You've Never Seen

Appearances matter and the outside of your car is the absolute first thing people will see when they consider purchasing it. While it may seem obvious that both the interior and exterior of your car should be clean, think about it: if you saw a great-looking jacket in a store, would you want to try it on and drop a lot of money on it if it had holes, stains, and fading? The same goes for your car. Even if you just wash it yourself or at a car wash, it will only remove dirt and not address environmental wear and tear like uneven discoloration, scratches, and other imperfections. Those first impressions count and potential buyers may get an impression that you haven't taken good care of the car. They won't buy it all or will use the unsightly exterior to justify a lower price.


Opti-Coat Pro Plus Increases Resale Value

According to LifeHacker and the nonprofit Car Care Council, having your car detailed prior to selling it can get you an extra $500 or more at sale time than if you didn't. Opti-Coat PRO+ is more than simple detailing, however. It will significantly add to your resale value because neither you nor your future buyer will have to spend as much money and time on car maintenance for several years to come. Who wouldn't want to pay more for a car they will practically never have to have detailed for almost a decade?

PRO+ will lock in several layers of your car's paint so it won't fade in the sun for at least seven years, and even protect it from scratching and other residual damage. And when potential car buyers come to look at it, the mirror-like gloss on your car that makes it look better than new will help you command a much higher price than if you simply had it detailed.

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