Don't Trust These Car Wash Life Hacks

Have you heard the term “life hacks?” It is today’s way of saying helpful tips. The only problem is, anybody can make them! There is no way of knowing if those people are experts. When it comes to auto detail and reconditioning, we at All-N-1 ARE experts. So the next time you see any car washing “life hacks,” make sure they ARE NOT any of the following:

1. Save money by using old shirts and towels to wash your car

Don’t do it! There is a reason we only use microfiber cloths. The material used to make clothes is not absorbent. From a cosmetic perspective, all you’re going to do is push dirt around and leave swirl marks on your vehicle. More substantially, however, you could cause the dirt to make tiny scratches called micro-scratches.

2. Wash your car in the sun for quick drying

Don’t do it! We recommend you wash your car in the shade. Air-drying or evaporation leaves unsightly water spots behind. The sun will also cause the soap to dry leaving behind even worse deposits! We suggest washing and drying in the shade with a chamois or microfiber cloth.

3. Cover up swirl marks with a coat of wax

If you could do it, don’t do it! This one is just plain wrong. A wax isn’t capable of covering up swirls and even if it was, wax isn’t meant to correct imperfections it is meant to shine and protect from damage. Swirl marks are actually damage to the paint and a professional treatment from All-N-1 is the best way to fix it.

4. Different soaps around the house are fine for washing your car

Don’t do it! Please resist all urges you have for your car to smell like Old Spice body wash. Body wash, shampoo, hand soap and especially bleach are extremely damaging to your car. (Yes some people are dumb enough to wash their car with bleach). There is also a popular rumor that dish washer detergent works well on your car. It may be able to remove dirt and oil but it can be very damaging to your wax and paint! Car wash soap is specifically formulated for cars and nothing else should be used!

5. It is your car, leave it how you want it

We’re not about to tell you that you can’t take care of your own car however you see fit, but let this be a friendly recommendation that leaving your car messy is a terrible idea for several reasons. Reason 1: It grosses other people out – Maybe you don’t mind garbage being all over your car but I guarantee other people do. If someone rides in your car and has their feet on top of garbage or has to throw a bunch of stuff off the passenger seat, something isn’t right. Reason 2: It is inconvenient to you – Have you become used to your cup holders being sticky or various buttons not working? I don’t care who you are, no one likes that. Reason 3: It hurts the resale value – Cars naturally depreciate, there is not much you can do about that. And you may be perfectly content with driving your car until the wheels fall off and scraping it when it does. Your car is most definitely, however, an asset and you should treat it as such. Leaving your car dirty will ruin the interior components severely hurting the value of the car. Exterior neglect can be even more severe. Rust is almost impossible to fix, it requires complete replacement. Reason 4: Have some pride – We say this one all the time. If you take care of your things, they will take care of you. The time and money you put into taking good care of your car will more than pay for itself by how long your vehicle will last. Not to mention, having a clean car will make you feel happy. If you don’t believe us, stop in to All-N-1 auto detail and see for yourself.

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