8 Car Resale Value Factors

In a few of our other blogs we mentioned that protecting your car with Opti-Coat paint protection products will increase your resale value. We decided to dig deeper into what all factored in when a car goes through the valuation process before being sold as a used car. Let’s take a look 


Some brands are much more respected than other brands after a couple years of being used. Brands like Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, and Audi generally don’t depreciate as much as other car brands after taken off the lot. After three years, on average, the brands that were mentioned decreased in value by 40-55% while other brands decrease in value by 65%! 

Performance Parts & Aftermarket Accessories 

When you took your car off the lot, did you customize it with supercharger kits or custom rims? Depending what changes you made, it can either help increase the value by a little bit or decrease the value by a lot! If the additions lead to more maintenance or has affected the warranty, you might have lost yourself some money in resale value. 

Exterior Condition 

This is where All-N-1 and Opti-Coat come in.  Any paint chipping, rust, paint fade, or anything else that reduces its visual appeal will lose you money in resale value. A car that is Opti-Coat protected adds significant value to a car. If you are about to sell your car, bring it on in and the money you spend at the auto detail will earn you more money when selling it. I have to warn you though. People come in all the time to have us work on their car in preparation for selling it, and end up really sad after seeing how beautiful their car turns out. 

Interior Condition 

The moment people are usually sold on a car is when they sit in the driver seat for the first time. If the interior is rugged and has an odor, then the value of your car will drop significantly. You would be surprised at how we have transformed car’s interiors before. We had cars with mold, stains everywhere, and flat out disgusting interiors that we managed to make them look brand new. No matter what your interior looks like before selling it, bring your car to us so we can add value to your car. 

Mechanical Condition 

Have you serviced your car at the recommended times? Does it run smoothly? A thorough record of how many times you’ve serviced your car, maintenance, and repairs will give the buyer peace of mind. Peace of mind will add to your resale value! 

Seasonal Demand 

Seasonal demand only applies to convertibles and 4x4s. Remember to sell your convertibles during summer months and 4x4s during winter months. There are thousands of dollars in difference when sold at the wrong time. 

Paint Color 

Think of it like you are selling a house. Crazy colors might hinder your ability to sell the car, unless you find that one person who digs it like crazy. Certain paints that ask for additional maintenance will also make it a little harder to sell like matte paint. 


Last but definitely not least... mileage. Mileage is directly related to resale value. It can be maintained perfectly but if has over two hundred thousand miles, it won’t be worth very much.