What "Buff It Out" really means

We can’t tell you how many times we have been asked to buff out a scratch, dent, or ding. While we understand that “buff” is a somewhat generalized term, unfortunately in most cases, it’s not that simple. So let us teach you to translate "buff it out” into All-N-1 terminology!

Body & Paint Repair

Scratch/Scuff Removal

Do you have a scratch or scuff? Whether your scuff came from another car, or has simply worn out over time, scratches and scuffs are somewhat inevitable. Let us handle it! Our specialists can repair your scratch in many different ways, including wet sanding, polishing…or you guessed it, BUFFING!

Minor scratches or scuffs are perfect candidates for buffing. Following a wet sanding or polishing, airbrushing/paint touch ups are a perfect way to give your car that extra shine.

Another way to ensure your car’s protection from future scuffs and scratches is Opti-Coat! Opti-Coat is a superior clear coating that is resistant to chemical etching and has a permanent hydrophobic surface that stays cleaner longer! It’s perfect for that extra protection and shine. To learn even more about Opti-Coat check out this link!

Micro Brush Paint Touch Up’s

Do you have a nick in your paint? You need a paint touch up! Our employees can make your car’s imperfections blend seamlessly into the rest of the car. They have a steady hand, and precise brushes to give your car the attention it deserves.

Paintless Dent Removal/Hail Repair

Does your car have dents? Avoid the costs of paint and body work with our paintless dent removal. We use a special technique to gently massage the dents out from the inside – which saves you the cost of a new paint coat over the dented area!

Now you know whether or not your car is in need of buffing! At All-N-1 no detail service is too big for us.  We are fully insured and certified by the International Detail Association to make your car look like new. Get that pesky scratch fixed and make an appointment to have your vehicle cared for and returned in the same day!

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