Auto Detail Tips For Fall

Protect Your Auto For Upcoming Seasons


As we move into the fall season, you need to begin protecting your car from the harsher elements of the colder months. Here are some fall auto detail tips to keep your car looking brand new and performing in top condition this fall.

Compressed Air Works for Carpets

If you are tired of looking at all of that dirt in the nooks and crannies of your car, you can bet that we are too. As a matter of fact, this will probably be the first thing that we take care of for you. Compressed air is the best way to get the dirt and trash in the corners of your car into the center of the carpet where it can be easily picked up with a vacuum.

Cleaning the Ducts

Compressed air also works well for cleaning the dirt out of your heating and AC ducts. Our compressed air service aims the air stream at the duct walls that are just behind the grilles of the vent to get rid of all the dust that is likely making your car smell a bit musty as well.

Clean Tires Without Acid

Unless you are a real pro, you want to leave the acid out of your tire washes. Acid products can seriously damage your wheels with clear or color coats. We will use a top de-greaser on your wheels, and we avoid detergents because if they splash, they will damage the wheel paint as well.

Clean Droppings Immediately

Bird droppings and other pollutants from the air can eat away at paint within days of landing on your paint job if they are not taken care of. Our process involves a hand wash that will clean these droppings off of your exterior as soon as possible. Our advanced coating system will also protect your paint job from bird droppings in the future.  Learn more about our coating systems, HERE. To schedule an appointment with us click the button below!

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